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Production of Seed Material

Functional Forests are forests that can produce the resources they need such as water, organic matter, seeds and saplings throughout their life cycle. As the Nourish Life family, we carry out studies that support the establishment of these forests. For this purpose, we grow seedlings and saplings from seed. We plant the seeds and saplings we grow in our application sites in accordance with the Functional Forests design methodology

We care for and prioritize local seed varieties. Since the local seed is adapted to the environmental conditions of the region, it is in for many generations and continues its existence without any additional need from the outside. It is more resistant to plant diseases and extreme weather conditions. We also attach importance to multiplying the local seed varieties for their cultural importance.

In addition to the local seed, we explore exotic species that are capable of adapting to changing conditions of climate change. We carefully observe their development and adaptation processes with local species. We carry out the production journey from seed to sapling in our Çalca Application Site. You can find out about the story of processes including the Seed Room, Greenhouse, Seed Garden, Breeder Bed and Nursery stages from the links below.

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