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Our Functional Forests are spaces for production, sharing and living, designed and implemented by people whose common motivation is to Nourish Life. In our application sites, we develop businesses and relationships to meet our basic ecological, economic and social needs. To work in harmony with each other and our environment, we start with ourselves. We value self-love and self-respect, and we rely on mutual trust. We pursue radical openness and transparency in our relationships and activities. We also support each other in our emotional and physical needs. We know that joy and pain are both inseparable parts of working with natural cycles.


We are nourished by different cultures and experiences. We learn and evaluate traditions. We try to get to know and relate to all living systems. We focus on the process and take bold steps to align with natural cycles. Observation, curiosity, research, learning, application, production, improvement, sharing are among the sine qua non of our daily activities.

We organise activities to share thoughts, behaviors and practices that Nourish Life. For these purposes, we also partake in invitations made to us. You can find our existing partnerships here. If you want to support what we do, participate in our activities or collaborate with us please contact us here.

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