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Application Sites

Our Çalca, Gocakemer, Menekşe, Zeytinalanı application sites represent unique examples of Functional Forests' practices designed based on local social, economic and ecological data and the needs, priorities and resources of the owner of the site. Functional Forests are forests based on human design, which can meet the real needs of all living things and produce their own resources in a vital, ecological, social and economic context.


Functional Forests meet vital needs of people by producing food, medicine, fiber, fuel, dye, gum, resin, animal feed, seeds and building materials. In the design phase, it is aimed to mimic the plant production according to the local natural cycle and the interaction of native plant species.


Functional Forests methodology encompasses plant species selection that is suitable for the local climate and soil characteristics and are also beneficial to each other. Economic production is complemented by  ecological process management to mediate the restoration of the soil; the environment is thereby provided for the development of natural resistance to adverse conditions such as frost and drought.


Real needs are met by the power of local, regional and global community of partnerships. Rural and urban, traditional and scientific knowledge and experience are blended to serve common purposes. Efforts are made to produce resources that can ensure the economic independence of people from all walks of life. Collaboration of people whose knowledge, experience, functions and approaches are complementary plays a key role in the production of resources.


You can learn the story of our application sites and what we do from the links below.

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