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Our Çalca Application Site, designed to meet the real needs of a nuclear family, has become a home for all members of our family that has been expanding over time. 

The adjacent mountain backdrop creates a mild micro-climate in this location. Thanks to favourable conditions and the support of our large family, the seeds and saplings of Functional Forests are produced here.

We aim to protect seeds, knowledge, the individual, the community and essential resources such as food, water and energy within our natural living structures. Çalca is the centre of exploration, learning and production, situated on 4 hectares of land. The abundance of Functional Forests is transformed in our workshop into diverse healing products by skilful hands and then stored in our pantry and cellar. We deliver our products directly to our supporters safely in wooden crates, produced by our village carpenter, from trees grown on our land and in our village.

There are many integrated processes and practices specific to soil, water, energy and waste management systems on our Çalca Implementation Site, to use earth's resources effectively. Furthermore, we work tirelessly towards restoring the emotional nature of the individual, our family and the local social structure

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