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Functional Forests Gocakemer Implementation Site was one of the citrus groves in a region of industrial citrus production. This 2.6 hectare site now represents a rich biodiversity and economic capacity thanks to the Functional Forests methodology we apply.


The ecological conditions of Gocakemer are harsh. The soil is heavy clay, the ground water is high. The heat is scorching, the winds are intense, and the frost has the strength to affect production negatively. Therefore, we develop interventions to soften the effects of these challenges with plantings to form frost and wind barriers and a multi-layered Functional Forest structure spread throughout the land. On the other hand, the organic matter produced by living mulch and regular pruning provides a living cover for the soil.

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In Gocakemer, we are able to produce a large quantity and a wide variety of products despite all the difficulties. From planting to harvesting, we do all our production in co-operation with local farming families. 

Here we produce polycultures with fruiting plants, medicinal aromatic plants, species that produce fibre, seeds and building materials. Our soil is covered with a wide variety of species from ground cover plants to trees with different life cycles and layers at all times. Thus, both vitality and production continues throughout seasons.

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