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As a 450 m2 house with a garden in the centre of the district, Menekşe is an Application Site that reflects the cultural texture of the region and represents Functional Forests with all its elements on a smaller scale. 

Humidity and heat are highly felt in Menekşe due to its vicinity to Lake Köyceğiz. These conditions are mediated by the multi-layered vegetation installed in the garden and the emergence of a micro-climate.

The garden in Menekşe contains vegetable, fruit and medicinal aromatic plant species that meet the basic needs of a family. The rich plant diversity in this small area attracts many bird and insect species. It can even be a safe haven for a hawk. As a settlement that nourishes both body and soul, Menekşe is a beautiful example demonstrating how Functional Forests Methodology can serve in an urban setting.


Menekşe's doors are also open for socially restorative activities that bring people together. On this site, where we grow the seeds of volunteerism and collaboration, activities contributing to the mental, physical and spiritual development of people are also carried out.

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